Photographing the Super Blood Moon Tonight (September 27th, 2015)

It starts at 8:10 PM EST and ends at 1:22 AM on September 27th, 2015. This blood moon is the combination of three simultaneous events.
The moon is closest to the earth and will appear 14% brighter and 30% larger than normal, which is called the Super Moon. It will then be eclipsed by the Earth (Lunar Eclipse), leaving it to appear with a reddish brown color, as the sun rays are interfered by the Earth’s atmosphere.
Thirdly, it will be a Full Moon!
Fascinating event for photographers! You don’t need a telescope. Just a camera with a good portrait or telescopic zoom lens.
The moon will appear in the south-eastern sky on the east coast. In order to get a good photo, position yourself west of the moon. A great addition to your photos would be to add a reference, such as a house or a tree. Folks in the big cities have a great opportunity to photograph the blood moon, as you can get the city’s skyline in the background.
So saddle up and have your equipment ready for a specatular event that will be appearing tonight!