Package 1
In this package we offer 10 hours of video coverage that is edited and comprise of a set of 3 DVD’s that are identical. The video include getting ready sequence, photo montage, and a recap as well. With the help of two cameras we cover the ceremony, toasts and dance for more accuracy and to capture all emotions. Second camera is there for whole coverage to ensure the capturing of moments that are often missed. $2995

Package 2
It includes all the services as in package 1 except the extra cameraman service. However you can avail the service of second camera on major moments like the first dance, toasts and tripod ceremony $2495. Depending on location we prefer an assistant to cover as much as we can in only $300.

Package 3
It includes 2 DVD copies of coverage ceremony and reception only. Photo montage, recap or getting ready sequence is not included in this package and it cost only $1795. If you want to include recap it will cost $1995, when possible a second camera will be available to cover tripod ceremony, toasts and first dance to capture the special moments.

Depending on your location and wedding place an assistant will be suggested only on additional $300.

Package 4
1 DVD copy and coverage of ceremony only is included in package 4. It will include photo shoot coverage if ceremony and reception are at same location in only $995. For additional coverage of toast and first dance $200 will be charged.

The cast
It includes bride as the main cast, including bridal party and lively and up to date latest music serves as background. $295 will be additional cost to avail this service.

All those who have took part in your wedding or have done even a minor role. Your vendors or catering or anyone who has helped your day to be more special will be credited at the end of movie in only $150 additional.
Honeymoon photo montage

It will be included by additional $95 and it has all the pictures you provide of your honeymoon tailored with music to your vacation spot.

Standard 5 hour reception
If the location of ceremony and reception is same then 2 DVD copies will be provided in only $1695. Video coverage of Bar/Bat Mitzvah Service on day of reception (separate location) will charge an extra $195. Different location and different day will be charged $495.